Role of the Primary Care Provider:

  • A generalist physician and/or non-physician practitioners (nurse practitioners and physician assistants)
  • Serves as the entry point for the patient's health care needs
  • Takes continuing responsibility for providing the patient's care
  • Serves as an advocate for the patient, coordinating the entire health care system to benefit the patient.

How to Partner with the Primary Care Provider:

  • Identify which providers in your state are reporting to a national quality program such as NCQA (see Basic Component Button on home page)
  • Share available community resources to assist their patients (i.e. blood pressure screenings/smoking cessation/ etc...)
  • Discuss current patient tracking for patients with hypertension and/or diabetes
  • Share resources with PCP and office to assist with blood pressure and diabetes management (i.e. algorithms)
  • Convene healthcare team to explore how all can work to their highest level

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