Undiagnosed Hypertension
Undiagnosed Hypertensives: Hiding in Plain Sight, H.Wall MPH, 2013 webinar
Hiding in Plain Sight: Finding Patients with Undiagnosed Hypertension - February 18, 2016 University at Albany
  webinar with speakers Hilary K. Wall and Sandy Cafarchio
Identifying Undiagnosed Hypertension - NACDD/CDC Fireside Chat (recording
). Speakers included Hilary Wall,
  Senior Health Scientist and Million Hearts Science Lead at CDC’s Division for Heart Disease and Stroke
  Prevention; Dr. Ian Brissette from the New York State Department of Health; and Dr. James Schultz from
  Neighborhood Healthcare in San Diego. Slides from Fireside Chat.
Undiagnosed Hypertension in the Safety Net - Improving Identification and Diagnosis of Patients Hiding in Plain
  Sight - June 14, 2016 National Association of Community Health Centers webinar recording. Presentation slides.

• NACDD/CDC Issue Brief on Identifying Undiagnosed Hypertension
Million Hearts® Hypertension Prevalence Estimator Tool
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