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Diabetes Scholarships
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2016 Diabetes Council Scholarships 

Scholarship Application 

Potential Conferences 

The Diabetes Council is pleased to offer travel scholarships for state and/or territorial staff working on diabetes prevention and control strategies.  Because professional development is a high priority for the Diabetes Council and CDC’s Division of Diabetes Translation (DDT), the Council received funding from DDT through a Cooperative Agreement to cover approximately 6-9 travel scholarships to national or regional conferences and meetings held between March 1, 2016 and September 29, 2016.

To be considered for a scholarship, submit your application to Tiffany Pertillar, NACDD Diabetes Consultant, by 11:59 pm EST, January 11, 2016.

The Diabetes Council and CDC/DDT view these scholarships as a way to increase knowledge and enhance skills of state staff working on diabetes related strategies. They provide an opportunity to address both organizations’ priority of professional development. The benefits of this will be felt at the individual and state/territorial level.  Yet, the scholarships offer an opportunity to do so much more.  By offering scholarships to state staff to attend different national and regional conferences, recipients give the Diabetes Council and public health diabetes prevention and control efforts an important presence at these events. By representing the Council and fellow state staff working in diabetes, participation promises to result in numerous organizational-level benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Diabetes Council and state diabetes information, views, resources, and priorities shared with national partners through presentations, meetings and networking opportunities
  • New or expanded partnerships among the Council, state diabetes staff, and national partners explored
  • Emerging or innovative professional development opportunities revealed and potential speakers recognized
  • Resources beneficial to the Council and its members discovered and shared

Scholarship recipients, therefore, will participate in the national or regional conference with two purposes in mind: (1) their personal professional development as it relates to their diabetes specific job responsibilities; and (2) representing the Diabetes Council and their fellow state diabetes staff. When applying for a travel scholarship, members are asked to keep both purposes in mind.  For example, a diabetes manager or staff interested in attending the ADA Scientific Session will have an abundance of plenary and workshop sessions that will increase their knowledge, skills and competencies. On a Diabetes Council level, they may represent the Council at an advocacy meeting or session.  Another diabetes manager or staff may wish to attend the AADE meeting. In doing so, they may be asked to participate in the Public Health Specialty Practice Group on behalf of the Diabetes Council. The Diabetes Council Consultant will work with scholarship recipients to determine the exact way they will represent the Council, as well as provide necessary background information that will be helpful to them as they do so.  There will also be a formalized mechanism to solicit feedback before and share information after the meeting. For example, scholarship recipients may be asked to share their experience with another state or on a Diabetes Council General Member call.

There are approximately 6-9 scholarships, with the upper limit for the scholarship being $2,400.  Any actual expenses exceeding amount of scholarship award are the responsibility of the individual and/or their organization.  To be considered for a scholarship, complete the application form and submit to Tiffany Pertillar, at by 11:59 pm EST, January 11, 2016.


The Diabetes Council will notify all applicants with information on their application acceptance and amount awarded by early February. The scholarship application and a list of potential conferences that may be considered can be found on the Potential Conferences documentThe potential conference list is not meant to be an all-inclusive list, and other conferences will be considered for scholarship support if applicants can demonstrate at least three chronic disease competencies that will be addressed by attending the conference.