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Generate, Educate, Activate, Respond (GEAR) Groups



Generate Educate Activate Respond (GEAR) Groups are part of a new program at NACDD to provide learning incubators on various crosscutting topics of interest to further advance leadership, mentoring and expand opportunities for networking with other states’ public health professionals. GEAR Groups differ from communities of practice in that the GEAR Groups will develop a product that will help to advance not only the participating states but also the rest of the states in that topic area.


There are five GEAR Groups (see descriptions below). These topics have been developed by NACDD members and are aligned with strategic priorities--leadership and management skills in state public health, partnering with health care, and explaining data, evidence and value. Membership in the GEAR Groups is limited to nine participants per group. Membership is limited in order to build trust and rapport among the members and provide all with an opportunity to be a full-fledged participant of the GEAR Group. 


Time Requirement and Timeline

The GEAR Groups will provide six hours of in-depth learning over the next six months (one hour per month) beginning in February 2016. There may be a small amount of review required prior to each call.

  • Week of February 29: GEAR Groups start
  • Week of Aug 1: GEAR Groups conclude


GEAR Group Call Schedule (Click here to learn more about each of the GEAR Groups.)

  1. GEAR Up For Understanding Chronic Disease Data And Methods For Communicating Impact: 2–3p ET. Feb 29, Apr 11, May 2, Jun 6, Jul 11, Aug 1
  2. GEAR Up for Community Benefit: 3–4p ET. Feb 29, Apr 11, May 2, Jun 6, Jul 11, Aug 1
  3. GEAR Up for Understanding Healthcare Payment Reform: 2–3p ET. Mar 2, Apr 13, May 4, Jun   8, Jul 13, Aug 3
  4. GEAR Up to Communicate the Value of Public Health: 2–3p ET. Mar 1, Apr 12, May 3, Jun 7, Jul 12, Aug 2
  5. GEAR Up for Health Equity: 3–4p ET. Mar 2, Apr 13, May 4, Jun 8, Jul 13, Aug 3



NACDD will facilitate problem solving and peer-to-peer sharing and learning opportunities through the implementation of new GEAR Groups that focus on crosscutting issues across the four CDC Domains. GEAR Groups will provide opportunities for members to share best practices with each other on program implementation and integration. In collaboration with NACDD, the Directors of Health Promotion and Education (DHPE) will develop a fifth GEAR Group that addresses the role of state health agencies in achieving health equity. 


Technology Requirement

GEAR Groups will be implemented using Adobe Connect, a web conferencing platform, to support relationship building and networking. A webcam will be provided by NACDD to participants who do not already have one attached to their computer. These calls will be arranged by the NACDD GEAR Group Leads.


Membership Benefits for Participation

Individuals who participate can expect to: 

  • Gain access to subject matter experts who may be able to help focus and articulate developing ideas
  • Participate in learning and development events and activities
  • Network with peers and increasing his/her interaction among those peers
  • Enhance leadership skills


Organizations also benefit when their representatives participate in a GEAR Group as a way to:

  • Improve public health practices in their health department
  • Increase employee efficiency, in terms of time and cost in retrieving information 
  • Engage in moving forward the national dialogue in this effort 
  • Enhance your organization’s reputation as a contributor in building new capacity for this work


Membership Expectations

  • NACDD will provide coordination and facilitation for each GEAR Group
  • GEAR Group participants will rotate leading a discussion during one of the six sessions
  • The discussion leader will facilitate the question/discussion portion of the session 


Team Product Development

Each GEAR Group will develop a final product as an output of the group. Products may include white papers, toolkits, success stories, case studies, or other products that will be used to support states in their implementation of activities. NACDD will provide support and guidance to the members in the development of the product.


Partnership Agreement

A signed letter of commitment is required by all participants prior to the first GEAR Group session. This agreement will be provided to the participants once determined.


GEAR Group Participant Expectations

  1. Participate fully in all six calls.
  2. Use Adobe Connect for greater peer networking opportunities.
  3. Lead one of the six sessions or assist in leading the discussion.
  4. Be willing to listen, learn and share experiences within the topic construct.
  5. Assist the group in developing a final product that will be disseminated to states and or communities as well as partners.
  6. Facilitate in building relationships and trust among the group.
  7. Facilitate deeper problem solving on the topic.
  8. Allow ideas to be vetted by other members.
  9. Complete delegated work between calls and be prepared for each discussion.
  10. Participate in GEAR Group evaluations.
  11. Present at the NACDD Chronic Disease Academy August 30 - September 1, 2016 (note:  travel expenses will be offered through a scholarship for all GEAR Group presenters).