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Sodium Issue Brief Template
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In 2010, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health published an issue brief related to sodium ( They have shared this brief with their community stakeholders, policy makers (e.g., County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors, State of CA), County of LA Departments (that buy, sell, or procure food), and other local health departments. It has helped bring attention to the issue of sodium and cardiovascular health in LA County, and subsequently was one of the documents to help support the passage of a Board Motion requiring all County of LA Departments that buy, sell, or procure food to consult with the Department of Public Health before releasing any Request for Proposal for a new food vendor.

The Cardiovascular Health (CVH) Initiative Sodium Practice Group contacted LA County Public Health Department to ask permission to use their issue brief as a template that other states and local regions could use.

Data tables have been created in an Excel spreadsheet. Figures 1 and 2 rely solely on national-level data. Figures 3 and 4, as well as Table 1 rely on state or local-level data. Los Angeles County had been able to use regional NHANES data that will not be readily available to most others interested in developing their own sodium issue brief. Upon consultation with CDC DHDSP Epidemiology and Surveillance Branch, as well as the CVH Council Epidemiology and Evaluation Committee, we decided to rely on BRFSS data.

We would like to acknowledge everyone who helped in the development of the sodium issue brief template. The idea began within our Sodium Practice Group, and was carried out by members of the CVH Council Capacity Building and Epidemiology/Evaluation Committees. We would also like to thank Rob Merritt, Cathleen Gillespie, and Guijing Wang for their assistance with the template.

And, finally, we would like to thank Los Angeles County Public Health Department for their initial development of the sodium issue brief. They have been very helpful in working with the CVH Initiative to ensure that the sodium issue brief template can meet the needs of those who wish to replicate the work of LA County. If you choose to use either the Word document or the data files, please add the following reference: "This publication, including the cost and health impact estimation procedures, was adapted by the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors from work performed by the Division of Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention in the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health."


Sodium Issue Brief Template - Word version

Data File for Sodium Issue Brief - Excel version