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July 2013 Impact Brief
NACDD is the only organization representing all state and jurisdictional chronic disease staff, dedicated to building capacity and making public health good for the public.
Message from the President

Happy Summer to All:

Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to participate in the FOA 1305 Alignment Planning Meeting in Atlanta. Elaine Kiziah, with See Change Studio, facilitated the meeting and provided a great one pager on the Three Phases of Transition that is now featured on the NACDD home page (

There are many changes occurring across the states these days and it is important to acknowledge these changes and find ways to come to terms with them. At the meeting, I heard members say that they were not sure if they had jobs, what their title would be and that their colleague was now their boss - to say nothing of the staff layoffs that impact everyone. This is a time of sadness and loss for some, but can also be a time of great possibility. This is the place to create safe opportunities to discuss the possible innovations that can occur with change. Finding ways to explore new and innovative ways of working together will be important.

Take a moment to look at the Transition document (click here) and I encourage you to email the Association at with ideas on how you are responding to these three areas of transition.

Sue Grinnell
NACDD Board President
NACDD News & Project Updates
FOA 1305 Alignment Meeting

NACDD hosted an Alignment Project Planning Meeting in Atlanta that brought together members from state health departments representing the newly formed "quad" that has emerged under the new FOA 1305. Members from NACDD's Cardiovascular, School Health and Diabetes Councils attended along with representatives from Obesity and CDC's Divisions of Diabetes Translation, Heart Disease and Stroke, Nutrition, Physical Activity, Obesity and the School Health Branch. The purpose of the meeting was to develop short and long-term recommendations that will help NACDD effectively support states with this new organizational direction. Read More... Recommended reading:
Managing Transitions 3rd Edition: Making the Most of Change (by William Bridges)
NACDD Reports on 1305 Funding Survey

Within hours of the FOA 1305 award notifications, NACDD surveyed all states regarding the impact of their funding. The results of that survey have been compiled and are available here.
NACDD HOPE Project Update

Through the NACDD HOPE Project, five existing NACDD healthy communities were selected to participate in a small mini-grant project to implement capacity-building strategies toward the eventual implementation of evidence-based community-clinical linkages in the community setting.
NACDD Partners with Catalyst to Optimize a Collaboration

Catalyst continues to expand its reach and adoption, contributing to the growing collaborative chronic disease prevention capacity in the country. NACDD has adopted Catalyst and will be utilizing it as a way to optimize collaborative planning, implementation, and evaluation of essential public health services. To learn more about Catalyst click here.
Standardization of Chronic Disease Blood Tests

NACDD and the CDC's Clinical Chemistry Branch held a symposium to discover why blood testing is still not standardized. "When we buy fruits and vegetables, the scales at the grocery store are standardized and when we buy gas at the local station, the pumps are standardized so that we are assured that we get what we pay for" said NACDD's Dr. Walter Young, "yet the medical community is still lagging behind the times with test results that can vary widely from clinic to clinic." click here.
Public Health Leaders Weigh In On Five-Year Road Map to Fight Alzheimer's Disease

David Hoffman, a national leader in the fight against Alzheimer's Disease, addressed over 750 attendees at the International Alzheimer's Conference in Boston, calling on researchers and practitioners to collaborate together.

David Hoffman and NACDD President-Elect, Jill Myers-Geadelmann, both served on the steering committee with the Alzheimer's Association and the CDC to develop a five-year strategy called, The Healthy Brain Initiative: The Public Health Road Map for State and National Partnerships, 2013-2018. Read More...
Partner Updates
Progress in Prevention Since 2010
CDC reported that more than 11,000 students and all 1,500 staff within the Clover Park School District in Washington State now have healthier food and beverage options.

Nearly 700,000 residents of Broward County, Florida, can increase their level of physical activity because their community is improving the safety and accessibility of walking, riding bikes, and riding buses and trains. Read More...
National Alliance For Nutrition Steering Committee Develops Fact Sheet: Creating a State Plan to Support Healthy School Nutrition Environments
States and communities aspire to provide nutritious meals and snacks to the children they serve at school, but face some barriers. With childhood obesity a significant public health concern and federal, state, and local policy emerging to address it, improving school foods has become a key focal point of change.
To download full fact sheet click here...
Hypertension Control: A Team Effort
CDC and the Community Preventive Services Task Force report that team-based care is essential to treating and controlling the millions of patients with high blood pressure in the United States. Read More
Common Children's Vaccine OK in Juvenile Arthritis
New research shows that the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) booster vaccine works well in patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA), and does not cause flares or otherwise worsen their disease, according study published recently in the Journal of the American Medical Association.
Upcoming Opportunities
Obama Offers Funding to Help Communities Understand Obamacare
$150 million in grants will help medical centers spread the word about Obamacare. Read More...
Important Resources
If you missed the June 2013 General Member Call, download it today!
Upcoming Events
NACDD July General Member Call
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Thursday, July 25, 2013
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