Membership in the National Association of Chronic Disease
Directors primarily is based around federally funded, US State, Territory
and community chronic disease practitioners. Membership is also available for approved professionals fighting the battle against chronic disease in the non-profit & private sectors.


Membership comes with many privileges, the most of which is a coveted connection to professional peers working in similar environments with similar goals, constraints and requirements.


"I often hear members state that there is no organization of which they belong, that yields them the kind of brain-trust that NACDD provides” -  John Robitscher, CEO, NACDD.


 Frequently Asked Questions

-Am I a member?
 If you work for a State Health Department in any area related to chronic disease or associated risk factors, yes! Your membership has already been paid for by your state and there is no cost to you.
-I don't work at a State Health Department, but I would still like to join NACDD. Can I still apply?
 Absolutely! Scroll down to determine which membership type you are eligible for.
-How do I apply for NACDD membership?
 Simply sign up for a profile by clicking on the link at the top right corner of your page. All State Health Department employees are automatically approved for membership. All other profiles will be reviewed by NACDD to be approved for membership.
-How do I know what type of membership to apply for?
 NACDD's membership categories are defined as follows:
  • State Members (formerly "General Members”)
    • State Health Department employees


  • Associate Members
    • Local and community health department employees
    • Individuals in the health field (ie. nutritionists)

    • Retired State Health Department employees

  • Federal Members
    • CDC, HHS, NIH employees or similar
    • Any .gov email (that's not a state or local health department)
  • Professional Partners *New*
    • University employees (.edu email who are not students)
      •  Organizational Members
        • For-profit corporations (.com email)


      • Students
        • For all students currently enrolled in a school of public health or related program, pursuing a career related to the promotion of chronic disease awareness, or pursuing a career in chronic disease prevention




      To find out more about membership in NACDD, please contact, John Patton at: or call 770-458-7400 x 222

      National Association of Chronic Disease Directors
      325 Swanton Way
      Decatur, GA 30030
      Hours of Operation: Mon. - Fri., 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.