NACDD Chronic Disease Competencies

The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD) offers a Chronic Disease Competencies Assessment Tool to support Members in developing, maintaining, and sustaining a capable workforce in public health as it relates to chronic disease prevention and control. 

The tool—part of NACDD’s learning and professional development offerings—allows Members to identify their current level of proficiency in each of the competency areas. More information on the chronic disease competencies is available in the 2016 report, NACDD Core Chronic Disease Competencies.

Members can use the Chronic Disease Competencies Assessment Tool to: establish a baseline of current skills in a new position; conduct periodic self-assessments to observe change; work with a manager to compare assessments; and develop IDPs to support ongoing progress and advancement.

The tool is just one way that NACDD commits to its Members’ learning and professional development. Others include:

  • General Member Webinars covering emerging workforce public health issues
  • Health Equity Council that published the “Moving to Institutional Equity: A Tool to Address Racial Equity for Public Health Practitioners”
  • A collection of case studies and other references freely available as a benefit of Membership

Review the instructions for the self-assessment or the manager portals to get started. If you have questions about the tool or need technical assistance, please email info@chronicdisease.org.

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